About Us


Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on a mattress and new furniture. Tired of wasting away money on high commissions sales people and paying for the stores over head?

We do it differently here at Courtnie's. We only charge you for what you buy? If that is obvious, well I can assure you it isn't happening in most furniture and mattress stores. Prices are inflated so that they can offer you free delivery, a free frame, 20% off, a free pillow whatever it may be. The sad fact is that you are paying for all of this anyway. If you walk into a store and are just looking to purchase a full size mattress and box spring for example; not only are you paying for that, you are paying for delivery(even though you are picking it up) paying for all of the extras that are included in the price. I've been in the industry long enough to learn all of the tricks of the trade. And those tricks end here. If you purchase a mattress set from us, you will wonder why it is so cheap. The answer is we don't add those extra costs in. If you wanted it delivered there would be a cost, but we are honest with you and don't charge you for goods and services like our competitors do. I can prove most are doing this. Stop in to Courtnie's today and please shop around. We encourage it while most try to lock you in the store until you buy. We are confident not only in our products but we know we offer the best prices around. So when you are in the need of anything furniture or mattress related, give us a chance to earn your business. Thank you.